Denim Dude

Saving the world is in our jeans

Denim is a dirty business. That's why we're creating the world's only jeans line that doesn't rely on toxic chemicals or water pollution. Our patented biotechnology enables more sustainable indigo production and dyeing, so you can do something about climate change in the jeans you wear.


No Petroleum

Today, every kilogram of indigo produced uses over 100 kilograms of petroleum. Our technology detaches indigo from the oil industry, enabling a cleaner, greener blue.

No Toxic Chemicals

For the last century, indigo has been made with harsh
substances like cyanide and formaldehyde. Our jeans are
made without skin irritants or poisons.

Minimized Water Pollution

Dyeing is the dirtiest part of jeans production. Our environmentally-friendly process eliminates the need for water polluting chemical reducing agents.

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Ingredients matter, even in your clothes

We’re making a more sustainable blue because our world needs it, and we can inspire industry-moving change by giving you better jeans. Our jeans are uncompromising in comfort, style, and sustainability.


Instead of petroleum and cyanide, we turn sugar into indigo blue dye. Our co-founder Dr. Tammy Hsu, invented a nature-based way to brew this blue color and apply it without toxic chemicals, so that you can have jeans made of completely sustainable materials.


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