Spirit of 608 Podcast - Featuring Us!

Very excited to have been interviewed for our favorite FEST-focused podcast.


In case you haven’t seen, Tammy and I were recently featured on Lorraine Sanders’s podcast, Spirit of 608, dedicated to highlighting companies at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and technology (FEST). In episode #177, we take her through our journey so far of building Tinctorium from a lab idea in a PhD program to an accelerator-backed company, aiming to change the future of the denim industry.

Inside scoop: we were very nervous before recording began but actually found that it was a great way for us to refine and articulate our company perspective and strategy.

Take a listen to the episode on Spotify, Spirit of 608, iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

All the best,

Michelle Zhu
CEO & Co-founder

Michelle Zhu