Announcing New Advisor: David Breslauer

Bolt Threads CSO is advising Tinctorium to make more sustainable ingredients for the fashion industry.

David Breslauer, co-founder and CSO of Bolt Threads, brings with him over 10 years of company operations at the intersection of biotechnology and fashion. Like our co-founder Tammy, David received his PhD in Bioengineering from the joint program at Berkeley and UCSF and has been overseeing the R&D efforts at Bolt to launch new materials in fashion from spider silk to mycelium leather. It’s clear David is a born mentor and connector and has been a huge source of support to us already. We’re excited to learn from David’s journey and one day join Bolt in the new frontier of science companies revolutionizing fashion.

David Breslauer.jpg

Lookout for more updates on our progress very soon. Welcome, David!

Michelle Zhu
Co-founder & CEO

Michelle Zhu